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Simply telling people to celebrate diversity or multiculturalism or saying, generically, that we believe in tolerance isn’t sufficient,” Tynes said. “We need to teach people about structural racism, about the ways that race still shapes people’s life chances and how the media informs our attitudes toward race.

Tynes and Markoe —  Color-blind racial ideology linked to racism, both online and offline

Bold mine.  One of the biggest problems I have seen while working with left parents/other educators, is that they still think in these modes of “tolerance” and “acceptance” and “love”, instead of teaching about the systems in place that support structural oppressions.  That it takes more than an individual (or even a group)’s “love” and “tolerance” of “all families/races/bodies/etc”.  How are these bodies oppressed?  And who is saying they are “unloveable” in the first place?  And how do we all work together to end that? 

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